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How can I help to improve EBT besides entering notes?

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    The best way to help us is to spread the idea of tracking notes around. You can tell your friends about EBT, add a link or banner to your website, design a bumper sticker, put a link in your signature on other forums ... the possibilities are endless. Some of our users have even contacted the press and have given interviews, which have resulted in thousands of new users discovering our website.

  • Bugs and suggestions
    If you find a bug, experience some problems or have a cool idea for a new feature please let us know! You can either do this on the forum, send one of the admins a private forum message or send an email to our contact address (see the bottom of this page).

  • Help with running the site
    We are constantly looking for skilled translators who are willing to help us to make the site available in other European languages, especially those spoken in countries which will adopt the Euro in the near future. If you are a motivated, experienced speaker of such a language, please send us an email!

    All other positions (forum moderation, support, plotters, administration) are usually recruited from trusted and well known members of the community. It is clear that people who actively participated for some time know much how things work than others.

    There are no paid jobs at EBT.

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Value.:2 581 204 875
Users.:190 711 
Notes.:137 132 615 
Interesting hits.:778 341 
Top Users (# of notes) .:
1. Flag for Germany ProChrist2 025 450
2. Flag for Netherlands vermeer1 977 271
3. Flag for Austria Moise1 590 252
4. Flag for Germany taucher1 512 201
5. Flag for Germany G,Müller & family1 362 795
6. Flag for Germany ProSnowden1 270 125
7. Flag for Belgium bhoeyb1 224 627
8. Flag for Finland emppu1 194 670
9. Flag for Germany BGO1 194 641
10. Flag for Germany Mil€s661 180 000
Top Users (# of notes, last 7 days) .:
1. Flag for Germany 36°C5 181
2. Flag for Belgium Talking Head4 569
3. Flag for Austria team nossi4 250
4. Flag for Belgium bhoeyb3 862
5. Flag for Austria zimmerge3 604
6. Flag for Netherlands vermeer3 555
7. Flag for Germany Math Murderer3 152
8. Flag for Germany ProSnowden3 125
9. Flag for Austria Moise3 115
10. Flag for Germany ϨpeedsteЯ17122 975