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  • Restrictions on user defined data
    You are free to pick any username you like, design your profile and comment on your tracked notes. However, we will not tolerate offensive material, in particular insults, spam or references to adult or illegal content. Also, your username should not contain email addresses or URLs. While designing your personal profile please make sure to use valid HTML code, i.e., properly closed tags.
    Violations may result in an admin manually editing your data.

  • Sharing accounts
    We don't have a strict rule regarding shared accounts, but rather rely on the common sense of our users. The general idea is that everybody should track his/her own notes on his/her own account. However, there are cases when sharing an account makes more sense, e.g., if your family members or your spouse are also tracking notes. If you and a relative started tracking notes on individual accounts but decide you want to combine them later just ask our support team for further assistance.
    Multiple accounts for a single user (e.g., for testing or registering boomerang hits) are not allowed!

  • Notes originating from other people
    Again, the idea is that everybody should only track notes he/she personally held in his/her hands, but use common sense. We won't ask your 80 year old grandmother to buy a computer and register an account on EBT, so feel free to ask her if you may check out her wallet when visiting her ;-) However, we do not promote then entering of serial numbers which a stranger wrote down for you. You will be held responsible for every faked note entered on your account.

  • Abuse in general
    It goes without saying that we do not tolerate made up note entries in our database and the creation of forged hits. Please note that this specifically also includes entering publicly known serial numbers and interpolated serials from bundles.

    We do have means to detect such abuse and are constantly working on improving our 'defenses'. Sooner or later every faked entry will disappear from the database, so even if nothing happens to such false entries immediately this does not mean that they are forgotten or that they are being tolerated. Accounts convicted of faking will normally have all their tracked notes removed. Please don't cause us unnecessary work.

  • Notes received on flights, trains, ferries, etc.
    In such a case, you should not enter the note as originating from the city you just passed by when you got it. (This might be very difficult to determine on a boat or a flight anyway.) Take either the last stop or your destination instead.

  • Boomerang hits
    Sometimes it happens that users receive bills which they already registered on EBT. Since you're not allowed to enter the same serial twice the only way to keep track of this rare event is to edit the comment of that note. Please ask our support team for assistance, and don't forget to include your username, serial number and denomination of the bill and the new comment in the email.

  • Holding back notes, artificial entry patterns
    We know it may be tempting to set some personal records by holding on to notes for a while and then entering them on a single day, but this is not a good idea. This type of behavior skews all kind of statistics, the most important being wrong timestamps which result in inaccurate travel data of hits. In the worst case you will even get 'reverse hits', where another user already tracked a note you spent in the past but decided to enter on EBT much later. As a guideline, you should enter the notes within two weeks of obtaining them, preferably as soon as possible.

  • Spamming
    While we do appreciate the enthusiasm of some users we received numerous complaints about spamming in the name of EBT from other websites in the past. So once again we urge our users to use common sense when they are placing their advertisements! In particular, we request them to avoid any situation where the promotion might be considered as spam. Users who create a nuisance, for example on other forums, may find their referrer count reduced or set to zero.

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