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  • I've made a mistake when entering a note, what should I do?
    You can edit your own entries. To access the change form, click on "Notes" in the section "My profile" of the left menu and then follow the link "Correct note data". Due to potential abuse, certain restrictions apply. The restrictions are explained in the help text to the change form.
    If you can't edit the data yourself or have any difficulty with it, the Support Team will be glad to make the changes on your behalf. Send an email to the contact address (see the bottom of this page) containing the following information: serial number of the note, your username, your email address and the changes you'd like to make to the note data.

  • I would like to enter a bill, but I only have got the name of a city. Where can I find the postal code?
    Each country has its own postal code system. A complete summary and further help can be found in our links section.

  • I've just entered a bill but I don't see a dot on the map, or I get the message "missing coordinates". How is that possible?
    If you've entered a location which doesn't yet exist in our database, we must enter the coordinates manually. Volunteers are automatically notified of this and add the coordinates as soon as possible. The dot is shown on the map immediately after that.

  • How do I see if my banknote was found again?
    You will receive an email notification to your registered email address whenever someone else finds one of your notes. That email contains a link to the note report.
    If you find a bill someone else entered before a message will be shown on your screen, with a link to the note report.

  • Is it legal to mark notes as recommended by Where's George for dollar notes?
    Yes, it is apparently not illegal. One of our users received an email from the ECB which states that.

    If you choose to mark them, please only write on the white background. There is no reason to deface the notes. Moreover, some banks remove any bills with markings on them from circulation, so you may shorten the lifetime of a note significantly if you mark it. Besides, some cashiers have engaged users in debates about scribblings and occasionally even refused to accept such notes.

  • What's the advanced form people keep telling me about? How can some people enter 25 notes in one second?
    There is a link to advanced note entry form on the "New note" page allowing you to enter up to 25 notes in one batch. The advanced form becomes available after you entered your first note.

  • How can I insert notes without using the web? I'm going to a vacation and I don't have access to internet all the time.
    First of all, you don't have to enter every note you see. But then you'll never know if the note you have in your hand was last seen in some distant exotic country far far away :)

    So for your own peace of mind, it's better to insert every note you can get your hands on. If you don't have internet access when you get the note and you'll have to spend the note before inserting it into EBT, you can simply write the bill information (value, shortcode, serial number, date) on a piece of paper and then enter the data when you can access EBT.

    Alternatively, if you want to use a hi-tech solution to this problem you can use a WAP-enabled GSM phone to enter the notes. Just access the address http://wap.eurobilltracker.com/ with your phone, log in using your EBT account, set the default country and insert your notes. The phone will give you a personalised address after login which you should bookmark on your phone; this way you don't have to enter your email/password every time you enter notes on your phone.

  • I'm a member and I introduced a friend of mine to EBT. I let him enter a note of mine just to test how the system works. Is this ok?
    It's a good thing that you've brought a new user to EBT, but he/she should enter only the notes he/she has.

    There's one basic rule: you shouldn't enter a note if you know in advance that it has already been entered by someone else. For example, if the note was received from a relative or a friend who is also a member of EBT, the note shouldn't be entered again at all.
    An exception to this rule is that if someone has written the EuroBillTracker address on it — these notes can freely be added. But it is advised to mention in the comment field that the bill has been marked.

    Additionally, there should be a physical contact with that note — receiving just the serial number and other data from a friend via email is not acceptable.

  • What is a "csv-file"?
    A csv-file contains all the information on the notes you've entered on EuroBillTracker and the hits you got. With a csv-file it is possible to generate all kinds of statistics using Excel or a database program like Access. The csv-files containing your hit and note data can be found in the corresponding sections below "My profile".