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Hello and welcome to the EuroBillTracker.com website! EuroBillTracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer project dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world.

Why should I track my notes?

Because it's fun!

Have you ever wondered about the story the notes in your wallet would have to tell? Where have they been already? Where will they go? This site helps you to find this information.

How does EBT work?

Our members enter the serial number of their notes into our database, so we know where a note has been at a specific date. When another of our users enters one of these notes again we see how far and fast it traveled ... it's as simple as that. Obviously, the more people participate the more we know about the ways our Euro notes go.

This sounds interesting, how can I participate?

Before you can track your notes you need to create an account and become a member of our community. Use the link Create Account in the menu on the left side. Once you have an account you can start tracking the notes in your wallet right away.

If you'd like to learn more about EBT first, take a tour! >>

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Value.:3 046 126 220
Users.:183 881 
Notes.:164 613 076 
Interesting hits.:950 633 
Top Users (# of notes) .:
1. Flag for Germany ProChrist2 353 128
2. Flag for Netherlands vermeer2 288 634
3. Flag for Austria Moise2 051 722
4. Flag for Germany Boycott fakebook!1 948 257
5. Flag for Germany BGO1 772 558
6. Flag for Germany taucher1 645 139
7. Flag for Belgium bhoeyb1 518 362
8. Flag for Germany G,Müller & family1 411 066
9. Flag for Finland emppu1 389 116
10. Flag for Germany Mil€s661 358 069
Top Users (# of notes, last 7 days) .:
1. Flag for Germany Boycott fakebook!6 057
2. Flag for Italy AngeloSalento3 585
3. Flag for Austria Moise3 396
4. Flag for Germany BGO3 250
5. Flag for Germany ProChrist3 203
6. Flag for Germany Dominik + Eva3 007
7. Flag for Estonia Kraan2 574
8. Flag for Netherlands Tjariet2 526
9. Flag for France Franzdreamer2 509
10. Flag for Germany Europa282 398