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  • Software that generates stats from your CSV file(s)

    • EBT-Tool by Nerzhul
      Offers a lot of statistics that allow to be broken down further by a filtering system and provides a form for entering notes extremely easily. You'll never want to miss the additional comfort again ;-)

      Flag for United Kingdom http://www.megalan.de/ebt/ebt.html

    • EBTNotesCheck - offline tool by marty44
      Check your CSV file for typos and other errors, such as non-existent combinations and strange printer codes.

      Flag for United Kingdom http://ebtcheck.marty44.net/

    • EBTCheck - online notes check and statistics by marty44
      Check your notes online (same checks as the offline tool) and create various statistics and tables with lots of additional information!

      Flag for United Kingdom http://ebtcheck.marty44.net/ebtcheck/

  • Tools that make dot hunting a bit easier

    • Google Earth Dotmap Converter by Ernie
      A fantastic tool that takes your dotmap image as an input and generates a layer that can be imported to Google Earth. Makes revisiting old places you've tracked and planning your next trip a breeze!

      Flag for United Kingdom Flag for Germany http://euro.ernie-hh.de/dotconvert/

    • Google Earth Dot Grid by bocky
      Bocky created various grid maps that can be imported into Google Earth and show the borders of every dot. A great addition to Ernie's converter!

      Flag for United Kingdom EBT Forum topic

    • Dot hunter topic maintained by haemoglobin
      A good starting point if you're crazy about traveling all over Europe just for the next dot in the middle of nowhere. ;-)

      Flag for United Kingdom EBT Forum topic

    • The EBT Map Tool by ernie
      A nice zoomable map for browsing the locations known to EBT, among other functions

      Flag for United Kingdom http://euro.ernie-hh.de/maps/

  • Tools for mobile tracking

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