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Interesting hits: 138
Notes entered: 5 972
Hit ratio: 1 : 43.28

Joined: 2002-07-06
Last Note Entered: 2020-12-21 20:51:57

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International rank: 3 745
National rank: 539
City rank: 75

I usually always enter some comment for my notes. "private transaction" means I have gotten the bill from a person.

My hits
1. 2004-07-18
My first hit. Not a very spectacular one, but at least it was classified interesting and gave me even more motivation to track those bills :) .
2. 2004-07-23
The second one. Also Tampere-Tampere, but at least this one was on the move for more than a couple of days.
3. 2004-08-06
Now this is getting interesting ! Tampere-Lahti and first time my note has been found somewhere (2 first hits were me finding a note someone else had put in the system.
4. 2004-08-16
I paid a big amount of money at Stockmann Tampere with almost solely 5€ bills including ones from Mariehamn (Åland) and Stockholm (Sweden). One bill was immediately found, but unfortunately it was one of the least interesting of that pack. Well, we´ll wait if someone finds the other ones as well :)
5. 2004-08-27
Second hit with user Mako . It appears we are both active Tampere United fans and Eurobilltrackers ! This note he found from our fan trip to Kotka, I had gotten it in Pirkkala. There is one funny thing though : I have no idea who Mako is IRL, so the hits are genuine :-)
6. 2004-08-31
This note took almost a month to travel from the center of Tampere to me ( 7 km).
7. 2004-09-07
Nothing exceptional with this note either, except for the fact that it was ccjane´s first hit, and this within their first 4 notes ! Quite amazing for a real hit.
8. 2004-09-16
After a night out with a friend, we exchanged some bills, and voilá ! Quite nice, I think (Naantali-Tampere).
9. 2004-09-18
Not bad either ! My girlfriend got some 20€ bills back at a shop, and one was a hit ! My first hit with a 20€ note (Hausjärvi-Helsinki).
10. 2004-09-25
Nice ! 154 km and almost 100 days for this 50€ bill. (Soini-Tampere)
11. 2004-10-13
This note didn´t travel very far in distance, but the time was quite long (over 100 days). The note probably traveled to Thailand.
12. 2004-10-20
I got notice of this during my holiday, Tampere-Pori so not bad at all.
13. 2004-11-18
Almost one month without a hit ! This local hit broke the "curse".
14. 2004-12-02
A local hit with Tampere´s number 1 tracker at date. Almost 2 months but zero distance.
15. 2004-12-05
I found this 20€ note in an ATM in Sahalahti, it had been found in Helsinki 53 days before. The first hit ever for the town of Sahalahti !
16. 2004-12-18
Local hit with Tampere´s #2 tracker. Nice comments.
17. 2004-12-18
Interesting hit Jyväskylä-Korpilahti.
18. 2004-12-22
I got this note at a ski resort and it is my longest hit-time so far, 448 days ! Hämeenlinna-Ellivuori.
24. 2005-01-10
My first INTERNATIONAL hit ! I got this note during my vacation in Gran Canaria, and it had been tracked in Finland earlier. (Hollola-Playa del Inglés). I took the note back to Finland after my holiday.
25. 2005-01-17
I got this note just before another (victorious) Ilves hockey match, it´s a local hit in Helsinki region : Vantaa-Espoo.